Flora, Fun

Frosted tree startles park visitors

Jack Frost was pacing, muttering to himself.

“So you think Covid quarantine‘s been bad for you? Try having it wipe out your off-season when you’d rather be mashed into a mosh pit, or, or, I don’t even remember what I used to do on vacation in the before times.

Bored bored bored. I’m bored.

If I can’t go to a concert I absolutely cannot wait to start dancing across those windows again,” Frost said. 

But it’s not even fall yet!” he lamented. 

I’m ready for hot cocoa.

And carved pumpkins on the front porch.* 

And roast turkey with all the trimmings.


I’m pulling myself out of the Covid funk by practicing with buttercream frosting on a few trees.

Practice makes perfect. I’ll prove it in a few weeks on your nearest window.

*But PLEASE no pumpkin spice anything.

Editors’ Note: With all due respect to Mr. Frost, we are fairly certain these photos show a colony of Milk-white Toothed Polypore instead of buttercream frosting. That said, we’re ready for hot cocoa weather too.