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Gardener refuses to acknowledge summer is over

When you’ve been spoiled by warmed-by-the-sun just-picked tomatoes for a few months it’s hard to let fall in. Pairing some of the last ones with a second crop of green beans makes it a little easier.

Planting that second crop in August was sheer genius. Patting myself on the back for that while my tastebuds are saying thank you thank you thank you. 

Fresh ingredients don’t need much handling to taste amazing, but I highly recommend frying a couple bacon strips in the pan, removing, and cooking the green beans in the bits of bacon left behind. Make sure some of them get a little carmelized. 

Saturated fat?
But the green beans balance that out, right? 

PS if you want to know the variety, I’ve had great luck with both Desperado and Inspiration bush beans. They don’t take up much space and seem to like the bursts of heavy rain and Southeast humidity.

The orange tomatoes? Sweet Tangerine. As my absolute favorite tomato to grow and eat, they deserve a whole post, stay tuned.