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Lovey-dovey shrimp couple wish aquarium had more plants

short nose algae shrimp and school of tetras

If the spirit moves ya

Let me groove ya

~ Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get it On

When nature called, these two short nose algae shrimp answered in broad daylight, undeterred by the bright lights overhead and the school of ember tetras getting an eyeful.

Safe with all live plants (there can never be too many hiding places!), they are excellent scavengers. This breed lives up to its name, snacking on algae on the plants and decorations and leftover food that falls to the bottom. Whenever they’re not dancing and prancing around to Marvin Gaye.

Thanks to their translucent bodies, highlighted by bits of gold and red, they are subtly beautiful. Short nose algae shrimp offer an unusual but effective alternative to other more common freshwater aquarium maintenance crews.

Peaceful and ideal for the community aquarium, they max out at just an inch long as an adult, and thrive in a wide range of water conditions and temperatures.

Below is what mom will look like in a few days. Marvin would be proud.