Super Dense Cheesy Figgy Tomatoes

Super dense is not a commentary on anyone’s intellectual capabilities but it is an appropriate description of this concentrated fig balsamic vinegar

Assembly technique:

• Slice fresh tomatoes 
• Crumble goat cheese liberally*
• Top with a few dried figs 
• Drizzle the balsamic 
• Salt to taste, preferably Real Salt 

I dried all of these as the first experiment with my new dehydrator. I was looking for any excuse to stop eating them fresh before I turned into the fig version of the unforgettable “have another cherry” scene from Witches of Eastwick

If your neighbors with a brown turkey fig tree aren’t as generous as mine you could always substitute dried black mission figs from Trader Joe’s. Or move. 

*This is not a time to be a conservative… is there ever?