Urban oasis? What’s that? I live in the middle of an 18-hour city, but my small front and back gardens are a haven for butterflies, birds, bees, squirrels, fish, snakes(!), lizards and one pretty cool frog. So far.*

These musings are my way of bringing some positivity to the world since that seems to be in pretty short supply lately.

Life is not about answers.
It is about learning to live in the middle of complete uncertainty, and doing so gracefully.

~ memorized from a zen yoga book I read many years ago

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If you’re more into live action, dog, cat and wildlife videos are posted on the Wild Urban Life YouTube channel.

Chin up, unless you’re looking down for worms or four-leaf clovers. 2020 won’t last forever but if you plant a tree it will be there for the next generation!

*Plus one German Shepherd and two rescued cats.

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